Radar Mountain

Tucked away in East Haven is the remains of a radar base that began construction in 1954 and was completed in 1956. A relic from the Cold War era this impressive base is built atop East Mountain.



The town of Fairlee is home to just under 1,000 Vermonters and is home to a number of unique points of interest. The Fairlee Drive-In features one of the only two remaining drive-in theaters to feature an on-site motel. In addition Lake Morey is a popular destination and home to “Vermont’s longest ice skating trail”. Historic Route U.S. Route 5 passes through town as well as Vermont Route 244.

Apple 🍎 Picking in Vermont

As we approach the final weeks of September, Apple Picking season in Vermont is well underway, and most orchards even offer pick-your own pumpkins and fresh apple cider; the signature Vermont experience. Regardless of where you live in Vermont chances are there’s an apple orchard not to far away. Here’s a list of some of Vermont’s best apple orchards (in no particular order):

1. Scott Farm Orchard (Dummerston)- featuring VT’s largest selection of heirloom apples; over 120 varieties. Just 10 minutes from Brattleboro. Learn more about their unique orchard here.

2. Wellwood Orchards (Springfield) located just 15 minutes from Exit 7, Wellwood features Over 20 different varieties of apples and other fruits for pick-your own, and they have a petting zoo, and cider donuts (Weekends Only).

3. Shelburne Orchards (Shelburne) features over 6,000 apple trees, and is conveniently located near Burlington. This family run orchard has a little bit of everything to enjoy this fall.

4. Hackett’s Orchard (South Hero)- features 34 varieties of apples, homemade pies, sweet cider and more.

5. Burtt’s Apple Orchard (Cabot)- Burtt’s orchard features almost 40 varieties of apples, and is located near Cabot Creamery, making it a perfect stop for a fall day trip in the area. Visit their website here.

6. Chapin Orchard (Essex Junction) – Chaplin orchard features a variety of pick-your own apples, as well as a farm store with a variety of fresh local products. Plus on Thursdays you can view their cider being made fresh.

7. Champlain Orchards (Shoreham)- Vermonters May recognize this orchard as their cider is carried in many local stores throughout Vermont. A visit to Champlain Orchards will leave you memorized by all of their products available in the farm store.

8. Mendon Mountain Orchards (Mendon)- This central Vermont orchard is located just minutes from Rutland and Killington. In fact you can even spend the night at their Orchard Motel. Learn more on their website here.

How many of the above Orchards have you been to?, and which Orchards do you recommended visiting, let us know in the comments below…

Swim Spot #10 Devils Gorge/Clarendon Gorge

Devils Gorge & Clarendon Gorge as well as much of the area surrounding the two gorges makes our first swimming hole spotlight a must visit this summer. It’s located 10 minutes from Rutland and is easily accessible from a parking area close to Route 7 off of River Rd. If your familiar with the area this is located about 2 miles from the “Swinging Bridge” which crosses the Long Trail on Route 103. Once here you have the choice of following a short path to a sandy beach area known as Clarendon Gorge which contains a rope swing and a good sized swimming area or you can venture up a short path to Devils Gorge(Note paths to various gorges do require walking down steep terrain).

**Directions:From Rutland, take RT 7 south. After passing the intersection for RT 103 (Rutland Airport), take your next left onto RT 7B. The road immediately forks here; left is RT 7B, straight is River Road. The parking area will be on the right near the large concrete blocks.

Bethel Drive-In

The town of Bethel, located near Randolph with a population of roughly 2,000 is home to the classic Bethel Drive-In. Today less then 350 Drive-Ins remain in the U.S; down from a peak of over 4,000 in the 1950s. This classic Drive-In recently upgraded to digital projection (although there 35mm projectors are still intact), and offers a classic drive-in experience for everyone. The drive-in even features a concession stand located in an old bus, and is nestled between Vt Route 12 and the White River. They open for the season June 9th, and you should definitely add this experience to your summer plans!

Twenty Foot Hole

Today’s featured swimming spot is located in Reading, about 20 minutes from Ludlow. Twenty Foot Hole, is a prime example of Vermont’s many natural swimming holes. It offers multiple pools to swim in, including the main area known as “Twenty-Foot Hole”, despite then name, since Hurricane Irene hit the area it is significantly shallower then it used to be. But don’t let that stop you, the water is crystal clear and it’s located well off the beaten path.

White Rocks Hike

This week I hiked a favorite spot for locals and travelers alike, White Rocks. A moderate hike providing views of Wallingford, Rutland, Danby and beyond. The Cliffs trail provides a 0.4 mike hike to vista, whereas the Ice Bed Trail provides a 1.8 Hike. Additionally the hike I completed was via the Keewaydin Trail which intersects the Long Trail (its a 3.4 mile hike), with a 1,210 elevation gain. It’s a great morning or afternoon hike and the views at the top are great on a clear day! The parking area is located on Sugar Hill Rd, and you’ll see a trail sign at the back of the parking lot. And while in Wallingford, after your hike Sals Southside offers pizza and other Italian entrees!

Disc Golf at the Pinnacle

Chester is home to a unique and challenging disc golf course. Originally a 9-Hole course, last season expanded to 12-Hikes, and starting off this summer the tee boxes and pins are set for holes 13-18. If you enjoy disc golf you’ll definitely want to check this course out. Check them out on Facebook and get out an play! 😎

Hiking Vermont’s Highest Peaking & Having an Iconic Treat

This week we ventured to Underhill, Vermont to hike Mount Mansfield via the Hellbrook Trail. The hike featured a 2,683 vertical gain, with amazing views along the way to the chin. As we continue our journey of visiting all 251 Towns Across Vermont we like to make hiking a cornerstone of many of our town visits to see the areas we visit from above. After our hike we stopped in Waterbury and visited Ben & Jerrys an iconic ice cream spot in Vermont known nationally. Next week we have some more town visits planned as we continue our journey and visit more places that make Vermont great! #Hike

A Hike A Day

Living In Vermont you are surrounded by nature and scenic beauty at every corner. Even if its just for a short amount of times find getting in nature everyday to be beneficial. I live near Plymouth Vermont and you can always enjoy a nice hike at camp Plymouth state park, whether you want to hike the Vista trail or venture off along the river into the abyss of the forest, you’ll enjoy visiting this spot.

Skiing Mad River Glen

Yesterday we skied Mad River Glen in Waitsfield, VT and it was truly and amazing experience. Mad River is notorious mountain known for its wooded glades, and truly unique trails. We were very excited to ski Mad River for the first time, and would highly recommend anyone who wasn’t visited to check out the mountain. Additionally Mad River offers snow shoe trails, so if you don’t ski you can still enjoy the mountain by renting snow shoes or bringing your own.